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My name is Samantha Du Preez and I am a ridiculously passionate Maths and Science teacher. Some call me crazy, but my passion lies with children and teaching. I have been teaching for over 10 years and have had  plenty of experience in the government school system in particular with the CAPS policy document. I stopped formal teaching end of 2018 in order to spend more quality time with my own 3 beautiful daughters but also to try help children in areas where they are struggling.  I feel I have a gift with children and can relate to them very well.

I have designed my own study notes for the children in Grades 4 – 7 for almost all subjects. They are mainly handwritten as I feel that children relate better to the handwritten notes as it does not feel like yet another worksheet to learn from. I try to make them fun yet easy to use. Children can use these notes to read from, study from, make their own colourful notes or even add their own bit of fun to the notes.

I have had some typed out (I am hoping they will all be typed out in due course….) but they are definitely brought to life with lots of colour, positive quotes and beautiful pictures. These notes often benefit the more visual learner.

My theory is that if we can help our children in any way possible then we can have such a massive impact on their lives. Why not give children the tools they need to excel, to be the best version of themselves.

Be positive, be passionate and know that your child is capable of anything they put their mind to 😊  Confidence is key!!

With lots of  love and passion

Teacher Sam

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